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Tub Chairs

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying the fact that Tub Chairs are back in fashion!

Furniture designers are suddenly coming up with a range of designs and concepts that put a new spin on the traditional Tub and buyers are just lapping them up.

Tub Chairs by Design

Classically modelled in the style of the old Victorian bath tubs, tub chairs were originally designed for the elderly or those who needed to spend a lot of time sitting in one position.  This one design need is why these chairs are amongst the most comfortable seats you can sit in.

Added to that fact is that these chairs through their high and rounded seat back and arms, provide a sturdy and ample support.  All of these basic design traits have now been transferred from the traditional leather chair to the modern chairs now on offer – take a look at the Moon Chairs.

Often created out of one piece of material with squat low legs, the Tub, though low in stature, undoubtedly holds its own in a room of furniture.  As they emerge again as fashionable and valued design options, these chairs, placed in the right setting, will become a fashionable talking point in any room.

The Barker and Stonehouse Eltham (pictured above left) is the classic leather chair you probably think of when you think of the tub.  You could see this chair in a Gentleman’s club with an old guy enjoying a glass of scotch and a cigar, but take that thought and hold it and then think about how this classic piece of furniture would fit into your own space.  Not only is this a wonderfully inviting piece of furniture, but the Eltham Tub is a sturdy and aged piece that you can make your own.  I would defy anyone to see that Barker and Stonehouse piece and not want to sit in it!

Darlings of Chelsea’s offering in this market is the Victorian.  High legs, rolled arms and back with a buttoned back classic design, this chair would look super in a den or dining room alike -the Victorian at Darlings of Chelsea.


Phantom Swivel Chair

A much more contemporary chair is the Phantom Swivel Chair from Habitat – (pictured left).  Coming from Habitat you wouldn’t really expect anything other than contemporary chic and style and you get it in spades if this is the modern take on the tub that you’re looking for.

The Phantom comes with the classic high sides and back in one sweeping movement and has the added design feature of being a swivel chair.  But rest assured, modern though this chair is, it still carries off the classic design elements that all the best Tub Chairs must possess in order for them to be classed as such: the Phantom offers comfort and support in bucket loads!  Phantom swivel chair available at Habitat!

Whether you’re looking for modern or traditional in these chairs, the rule of thumb has to be to make sure that you’re sure on the effect you’re looking to create.

Always keep in mind the overall style of your room and then you add the right piece that will fit in with the design effect you’re looking to create.  Of course you can break the rules and choose a chair that will stand out and contrast with the overall look and feel of your room, but make sure you have a solid understanding of the effect you will create.

I hope these Chairs I’ve highlighted give you an idea of what’s out there and how effortlessly they can blend in and be part of your designer handmade furniture decor.


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