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Tub Chair Designs: Timeless Classics

Tub Chair Designs became an instant hit when they were introduced in the early 20th century. They were the perfect marriage of the Art Deco movement and classical furnishing, which hit the spot with people from all over the world. First introduced in various clubs, it didn’t take them long to make their way into people’s homes, offices and hearts. And they haven’t looked back ever since, ruling the roost till date when it comes to elegant furniture for homes and offices.

Tub Chair Designs: What’s it all about?

It quite simply is the low backed chair that has a semi circular back. It’s a no fuss, uncomplicated design that is brilliant for comfort. It’s one of the reasons these chairs found takers almost instantly and people still rave about the comfort they experience when they sit on these chairs at home, in offices, clubs or plush restaurants for that matter.

Tub Chair Designs: For that special touch to your décor

If you want to make your sitting room stand out and make an impression with your visitors, these chairs are the perfect foil to your plans. And it’s equally true for meeting rooms in offices where you often host clients and want to have them spellbound. These chairs have a certain regal charm and aura about them, which can wow onlookers. And they are extremely versatile, blending in perfectly with your contemporary or traditional décor.

Tub Chair Designs: Endless possibilities

Today these chairs are available in many different materials; from leather to faux leather and chic looking fabrics. You can easily find chairs that suit your tastes or you can get them custom made to your liking and within your budgets too.

Tub Chair Designs have been considered works of art and their timeless beauty wows us even today and as designer furniture goes, they’re stars.

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