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Popular Design Elements

Over the years designer furniture has come into its own and made a place for itself in the psyche of those amongst us who want to do something a little different in our homes.  Not, there’s anything wrong with mass produced, carry home, screw it and glue it together yourself!

I myself have a few of these carry home, screw and glue pieces in my home and they occupy significant spots and work really well with everything everything.  But the fact that you’re reading this means you’re after something a little bit different than what you can find at the local Argos store.

And you wouldn’t be alone in that because designer handmade furniture has become so popular they’ve started doing surveys about who buys the stuff and why.

What we know is that if you’re looking for some designer furniture for your own home, well there’s a high chance you’re either looking for help choosing a sofa, lighting or a bed!  Because apparently those three areas are the most popular designer elements that we go looking for!

Designer Handmade Sofas


Let’s be honest guys, for some of us the leather sofa has had it’s day this time round.  I have to say I never really fell for the charm of the brown leather when it hit the heights a few years ago, but if you did then it’s time to upgrade to a textile sofa.

Check out sofas like the Orson 3 available from that stylishly wonderful crew from Made.com.  The Orson is contemporary meets traditional style and grace.  Great detail and luxury gifts like the drawing room feet it sits on, deep luxury cushion seats that even the amplest rears can fit in, all add up to a grace and style that you’ll trouble to find anywhere else!  And what the hell, I just love red sofas!


Lighting by Design


Lighting your home is another design element where we go looking for help, and how right we are to do so.  Lighting adds not only light, but the right kind of lighting adds space, depth and atmosphere.  The fact that lighting does so many things in a space means that if you fail to pay attention to what kind of lighting you opt for, you might end up ruining the whole effect that you’re trying to creating.  So take the time, take expert professional help if you must because it’s an important element to get right.


And So to Bed


I can’t tell you the amount of hotel rooms and friend’s bedrooms where I’ve walked in and the huge gigantic bed takes up sometimes 80% of the space in the room.  If you can’t fit a King size bed into your bedroom without getting around the room sideways and stuck to the walls, then you should consider if you really do need a King size bed. Consider instead a Queen size or a standard double bed.

When you’re buying your bed consider the materials you’ll have in your bedroom: stripped floor board, carpets.  What would look the part in your bedroom and the overall look you’re going for?  A wooden bedstead, metal?  A divan?  Take your time choosing your bed and weighing up what you’re trying to achieve and take it from there.

Whatever you decide to choose in the way of a sofa, lighting or a bed take your time, weigh up your options and do your research before you buy and you’ll be happy.




Designer Handmade Furniture

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